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increase revenue

Amix aumenta la comunicación con el consistorio municipal y la participación ciudadana en tu ciudad.

city councils

Comunicación interna con los empleados municipales y comunicación externa con la ciudadanía.


Share class notes and exercises without giving out phone numbers nor other personal data.

Amix communicates to its students without invading the privacy
Amix genera una comunicación fluida entre clientes del centro comercial y sus departamentos comerciales


Comunicación interna profesional y segura y comunicación externa con los usuarios de cada centro.

Amix increases revenue by generating individualized communication for its customers

large companies and organizations

An official communication channel to reach any corner in your company.

sports clubs

The parents of the sports school can know the details and share car for each weekend’s trip.

Amix increases instant communication between club members
Amix improves the relationship of drugstores with its customers


Share with your customers your health and beauty advices for each time of the year.

Broadcast your offers and sales using Amix


Tell your users that sales begin next week, but because they belong to your community, they get the sale prices today!


Report that there is a need, along with the link to the payment platform. Users can click and at give in a few seconds.

Use Amix to collect urgent funds in case of need
Amix helps hotel actual clients to know the actual offers of extra services during their stay


Has low spa reservations and launches an offer to customers. The same hotel sends a photo of the paella that is being cooked, just at the time when guests decide where they will have lunch today.

Amix increases income by generating needs in potential customers


Launches an offer of a travel on Cruise. Some people encourage each other on the app and end up hiring a trip. Later on, they can share photos telling their experience, becoming the best prescribers for further cruise travel.


In the need of more reservations for tonight, launches an offer to regular customers that have the app. The same restaurant, announces that next month will offer cooking courses from 4 to 6 p.m.

Amix increases restaurant reservations thanks to targeted communication
Amix delivers secure communication among party members and generates surveys to find out its supporters' opinion


Needs to raise money for the campaign. Communicate that they have organized a party with the attendance of the leader, and leaves a link to the payment platform where supporters can subscribe and pay.

Amix increases communication with the health community.


Communicates with the entire health community. Reduction in the number of visits of chronic patients.

Amix generates interest in college announcements and attendance at colloquiums


Mobile communication with the whole university community, events, job board, etc.

Save costs

sports association


Ask your community what they think about the items in the catalog of the new season before you purchase the stock from the wholesaler. You will buy more stock of the ítems that your potential customers like, while less or nothing of the ítems that they do not like.