replacing WhatsAppin companies and organizations

Do you use WhatsApp in your company or organization?

Congratulations because you have discovered that you are more productive using group mobile communication mobile. Whatsapp is a fantastic communication tool.

Have you analyzed the implications of the terms of use you accepted?

Do not worry, more than 90 percent of the users have not even read them.

Would you like to have a mobile communication tool that is valid for professional use?

If your answer is 'yes', you have reached your destination. Amix has been created from scratch for profesional communication.

problem and solution

problem and solution

data trade

Here in Spain companies widely use WhatsApp for internal communication. The information travels to the USA to be processed with a commercial purpose so that the database you are feeding may be used or sold to third parties. WhatsApp is a private company whose purpose is to report profits to its owners.

a private database

Amix is a closed mobile communication system. The database that generates the communication is actually hosted in our customer's servers.

no administrators, no structure

Whatsapp groups have been created in a spontaneous and disorganized way. The current members of each group are not necessarily optimized.

designed for profesional use

The professional use is preserved. Moreover, group and 1 to 1 talks feed the private database for better tracking and value creation.

no professional community management

With Whatsapp it is inevitable that talks often display joking conversations rather than professional use. Users have work groups next to friends and family groups and it is natural that the conversation tone tends to be the same.

a logical and well structured communication

The customer designs the structure of the communication by groups and grants access to the people that must be in each group. People can communicate is in groups or 1 to 1.

no advanced communication tools

The company does not have access to these groups. Nor to broadcast its messages, nor to ask questions / surveys. The company does not have advanced communication tools nor tools for the analysis of the data base generated by all that communication.

professional tools

The company can reach its entire organization or target just a part of it with one single click on the Control panel. Transmission of documents. Confirm reception button when required. Surveys. Database analysis tools.