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Micomu is a franchise developed by Gandisoft SL and based on its successful local Amix business.

With Amix you can help dozens of companies and organizations around you to better interact with their employees, customers and providers. Some of them will need your support for Social Network management and you will be there as the local expert to help them.

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A Micomu franchisee managing the Amix tool


  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Associations
  • Public Sector
  • Military and security
  • Hospitals and health
  • Tourism



product features

Similar to Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook’s Messenger, Amix takes the best of each one of them to build a tool for a profesional use. You will be able to configure a tool to satisfy each client’s needs.

You will be able to customize Amix to each customer's needs

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Your income will increase month after month with the clients you add. The main characteristics of our clients is stability: once you convince a company to communicate with your tool or that you manage its communication, then it is not easy for them to change to a competitor.


You will get training and you will learn from our experiences developing this same business to help you start a strong business and secure growth.

commercial premises

You do not need any premises, you just need a computer and a connection to the Internet. You can manage Micomu as a side business to your actual activity and connections. You can also manage Micomu from home if your personal situation requires so.

Other advantages

  • No need to invest in fixed assets.

  • No need to buy stock.

  • No need to hire staff.

Amix generates large revenues with a minimum investment