Amix features a Control Panel to target messages in your communication

Control Panel

Take the most out of a segmented communication with your organization members/users. Only with our Control Panel.

Amix is a tool designed for businesses and organizations.


Companies and organizations create groups (fórums) for internal and external communication seeking to increase productivity in whatever they do.


Amix is also used for communication among the attendees to an event. So that attendees can share resources, discuss news and socialize before and during the event. A must have tool that improves attendees' satisfaction.


A professional dashboard, easy to use. Configure up to 5 different types of forums to cover all situations


Send your thoughts, news, and surveys in real or scheduled time in one of 10 featured languages.


Different ways of calling new users for quick spread for open communication and broadcasting when needed.


Delegate specific management functions to people of your choice.


Analyze statistics and graphs of the most important data of your community.


Filter the database for a more accurate analysis.


Tag forums and users for increased productivity when publishing and analyzing.

Mobile App

Your organization generates a lot of information that needs to be organized.

Amix Improves the information and communication flows.

Amix improves the flow of information and communication in companies and organizations


Amix is multilingual. With a single click, each user will receive your messages in any of the 10 languages managed by the platform.

forum-like structure

This structure allows high capacity of users who (optionally) can discuss the issues raised.

group types

Several configurations available to cover all situations where you need communication


The most direct way to explore the needs of your users .


Spanish culture smileys that dinamize the conversation and bring you closer to Spanish users (customizable for other environments).


One app, two roles: administrators can moderate from their version of the app.