Do not waste time and start being productive in your communication.

  • timeline

    Chronological sequence of topics and comments.

  • forums

    Create new or duplicate existing forums, set background and banners for sponsors display, etc.

  • surveys

    Carry out surveys and analyze the results. Survey types: Single, Multiple, Sequential, Weighted and Condorcet.

  • moderation

    Moderated forums. Users' posts are not public before being approved by an administrator.

  • content

    Managed by the client or managed by Amix

  • self-join

    The user selects and gets automatic access to the open forums. In private forums the user needs validation of an access code prior to automatic Access.

  • exagons

    A content source feeding your website with fresh relevant content related to your activity. A key resource for your ranking on Google.

  • invitations

    Individual or collective.

  • send

    Text, image or file. Automatic translation into the selected languages. ​​Publish in up to 10 languages with manual or automatic translation.

  • training

    Set up and personal training via Skype or on premise. Phone customer support.

  • users

    Unlimited number of users in each Forum. Delegation of admin role to selected users.

  • private forums

    Private communication with each user (text and attachments).

  • filters

    Messages, users and forums. Age and sex. Zip code

  • database

    Exportable database for storage and deeper analysis.

  • statistics

    Segmented analytics all your forum.