mobile communication professional service

Your private communication app

Welcome to Amix Network. You may have already decided that your organization needs a communication app of its own, whether for productivity, security or control reasons.

We offer you an app with your brand and your own Terms of Use, connected to a powerful Panel for the management of the structure and communication, as well as the database that generates the communication.

Your data generates a high value for the company

your app = your data

The mobile communication generates high value data for your company. With Amix, the database is yours.

your app = your structure

The communication structure that better serves your company's needs/goals/productivity/alignment.

Your business structure can be adapted to Amix communication
Your rules are what determine the communication in your professional scope

your official app = your rules

Your organization has needs and preferences. Do not use a communication tool customized to the Big Data companies’ needs.Your organization has needs and preferences. Do not use a communication tool customized to the Big Data companies’ needs.

Internal communication

A mobile communication with the members of your organization that reduces time in processes and improves coordination towards objectives achievement. Secure and configurable communication for each situation.

external communication

The best way to reach stakeholders in your organization, they will get your news and offers on their cell phones. Communication for events. Secure and configurable communication for each situation.

profesional management

With the aim of full availability and maximum quality, our team of communicators are available to manage the system, that you will always have access. If you want to manage you, you give training.


Users receive all what is of their interest from your organization. And last ut not least, they stop getting messages they are not interested in, for a better engagement. Multiple internal and external communication channels to reach every niche of your organization.


The database that is generated is a treasure of great value for a present analysis and for the future. The data are yours and can be hosted in your organization's servers, they are not seen nor processed by anyone else.


Ask your users what they think about something you did or plan to do, or about external news that concern you all. Earn the respect of your members and employees. Amix will help you organize resources, reduce costs and increase revenue.



Amix gives you the tools and filters so that you can analyze the database and the results of the surveys. Do older and young people thnik the same?; men and women?; the people in each location?; newcomers vs veterans? …