Replacing Whatsapp in companies and in the public sector

The best app for corporate mobile communication with your brand, your private database and your own Terms of use in just 48 h.

Replacing Whatsapp and Telegram

A corporate tool that allows you to structure the mobile communication of your company or organization. A private messaging app which reports a significant increase in the productivity of individuals and teams.

The MUST-HAVE in case you want to stop feeding Big Data companies with your information!

The Mission of Big Data companies is to extract value from your data, process it and sell it to whom it may be interesting, probably to a competitor or an opponent of yours, now or in the future.

Your app with your brand in just 48 hours

Free consulting

Request a meeting by phone so that we can give you our best tips for your private communication app tailored to your needs. Also by videoconference if you want a personalized demonstration.


Each sector, each company within a sector has its own character, strategy and goals. A complete configuration form will help us understand how you wish your customized messaging app among the more than one hundred options available so that its operation is aligned with your needs and objectives.

Choose even the design, including your images and logos and why not, your emojis (or choose among the sectoral emoticon packages available), everything that makes your users feel your organization in your new App.

48 h delivery

If you have an event within a month and you want to communicate with the attendees using your new app with your brand, you are still in time. Our delivery time is only 48 hours!

Your own Terms of use

We will propose a standard model of Terms of use that you can edit and adjust to your characteristics, so that users have to accept it when entering the system. Your app, your rules.

You will be able to do many, many things that now you can't

If your organization has a structure by areas of responsibility or by location, you can match it when configuring how many groups you want and how you want that each one of them works. Datosegur offers multiple elements of structure for your private mobile messaging App.
Delegate the admin powes on your collaborators. The administration permissions are configured so that each administrator can perform only the appointe roles and on the assigned groups. The actions of the administrators are recorded so that they can be reviewed.
Efficiency and precision
By tagging groups you can perform any action with all the groups that share a location or any other feature with a single click. Tagging users allows you to do so directly with all users who share a qualification or a need.
Datosegur messaging
Write, upload or record your message, title it if you wish and send it instantly or leave it scheduled to be published at the right time. Each user will receive your message in their preferred language. If you wish, users can open conversation threads with their comments in private or in within the group, as well as publish their own conversation topics.
Surveys and voting
Ask any question to your employees or the people interested in your organization and you will get an instant report with the results. Visit the specific section of Surveys and Voting to know more about its usefulness and the different types of surveys offered by Datosegur to cover any type of situation.
Management of users
Users' access to closed groups is done by with username and password, if you wish by using your actual Active Directory. You can also set open groups if you want, where users external to your organization can follow what you want to transmit or ask them using your own app. You can assign different Aliases to the same user in different groups if you wish (for example "John" in one group and "Event Coordinator" in another group).
Content control
Each message feeds the database of your communication system and you have the tools to manage them. If you delete a message, it disappears from all the devices. If you remove access to a user, he/she will not be able to write or view messages. If you delete the user, all his/her messages will disappear from all the devices. On the other hand, for more specific needs, if you wish you can configure groups so that the publication of messages to a group is delayed until they are approved by an administrator.
Confirmation of reception
When publishing a message or document you can ask that the recipients confirm its reception. The message will be posted with a "confirm reception" button, which when pressed, feeds the database. You will get a list of all the users who have confirmed the reception of the document, as well as all the documents whose reception has been confirmed by each user.
Send messages with a Payment button that will allow direct payment in your organization's bank account. This feature has useful tools for monitoring and reporting each campaign or individual charge. It is also possible to enable payments between registered users, after fulfilling certain conditions.
Personal folder
Each user has a personal folder where received messages beyond those that correspond to their activity in groups or private chats are stored. Optionally, the personal folder can be extended for file management, accessible from the user's PC.
Multiple characteristics of Datosegur contribute to the preservation of personal data. First, the access with user and password access prevents unwanted disclosure of data such as phone numbers or email. Optionally, the app allows the user to create a Profile and decide which parameters and in which groups are to be shared. On the other hand, the administrator decides for each group if users can see profiles of other users and if they can start private chats with each other.
Work/Life Balance
Option for each group that allows administrators to set a normal operating time. Beyond this scheduled time, users can send messages to the group with the peace of mind that other users' phones will not beep. Exception made of the messages sent by the administrator, whose messages will beep, for example in the event of an emergency.
Alert messages
These are messages configured so that the user perceives their urgency. You can set up a custom sound. Being a proprietary service, unlike generalist apps and even email, when a warning message beeps the user recognizes that it is an alert of your organization and it will not postponed or lost in spam.
Chat bots
You can have bots configured by Datosegur or third parties in your system that automatically attend to the most frequent issues without the need for human intervention. It may soon be an indispensable feature in your private mobile communication app.
Filters and analytics
The communication in your organization generates a database of very high value that is given away if you do not use your private app (or, rather, it is actually feeding Big Data companies). The Control Panel of your messaging app includes a powerful tool so you can find and analyze whatever happens in your communication system.
You can make draws among the groups of your organization that you want. The tool includes making reports and sending the results to the participants. Useful both for raffling prizes and for assigning work shifts on holidays.

The Control Panel

Datosegur's Control Panel
  • publish
    • Instant Publishing
      With just one click you can send an instant message accurately targeted to a selection of your app users or groups of users. Users will be able to read it from their phone, tablet or PC. Messages can be texts, images, audios, videos or attached files of any kind.
    • Silent messages
      For example, if we want to send 5 messages to users but we do not want that their phones beep 5 times. We would publish 4 silent messages and the fifth message as standard so that the user gets one beep.
    • Enriched publication
      Highlight pieces of your messages with bold, underlined, colors, etc.
    • Automated translation
      The messages are instantly translated into the languages chosen by the customer. The user receives messages in his/her preferred language
    • Supported attachment types
      By default, the system supports the attachments commonly used in mobile messaging and it prevents unknown or executable file types. Optionally, your private messaging app may include other types of files that may be interesting to your organization
    • Size of attachments
      This is an interesting option if your company needs to send large files, for example a product catalog
    • Simple Scheduling
      The message will be sent at the selected time and date.
    • Automatic Scheduling
      The message will be sent on the selected days of the week at the indicated time, repeating the action between two dates selected on a calendar.
    • Confirmación de recepción
      Users who receive a message with this option checked will have a button to confirm its reception. A list of all the users who confirmed is generated for each message. A list of all messages confirmed by a user is also available. For example, it serves to check if an employee has received all the documentation he needs before performing a task.
  • groups
    • Basic group management
      Create groups, edit group name and image, group description, etc. How many users are there in each group, list of Aliases of the users of the group, characteristics of the group, statistics, etc.
    • Active / inactive group
      With a single click we make disappear a group of all the users' devices. With a single click it is restored with all its content and the users receive a beep. For example, during an event to activate the second phase of an activity.
    • Topics and comments
      The communication within each group is structured in two levels: Topics and Comments to each topic. The topics can be completed with a title. The administrator can always post topics and make comments, as well as configure whether regular users can do it in each group. Users may or may not be able to post topics and may or may not comment, as needed in each situation. The comments allow opening conversation threads within each topic.
    • Questions/Suggestions button
      By activating this option, users of this group can address a question or suggestion to the administrator without it being published to the rest of the group. For example, in a diffusion group where users cannot publish topics nor comments, if we have sent a document and it raises questions or contains an error, this button would allow users to collaborate with the administrator to correct it.
    • See other group users
      By selecting this option, users can see the Aliases of the other users with whom they share a group, as well as those aspects of their profile that they have decided to share with the group. Otherwise, they will not be able to do it.
    • Hours of Operation
      This is used in many companies for the Work/Life Balance. For each group, we select a normal operating schedule. Outside of these hours the app will work as follows: Users can post but the phones stop ringing. Unless it is the administrator who sends a message, for example in case of an emergency.
    • Open groups
      Some organizations need to have open groups with access to the general public. To broadcast news, etc. Users of these groups are able to receive messages or answer surveys. For example, it is the option through which many city councils communicate with their citizens. Often combined with the option Auto-join, with which the citizens choose the topics of interest or the neighborhoods in their municipality, configured as open groups. In this way, communication with citizens is structured, it is segmented: each user receives messages of the matters of his/her interest, from what he/she has chosen, while the city council has segmented channels around which to gather interested parties, in every niche of its activity. Optionally, the configuration of an open group allows users to contribute to the group using an Alias that they assign themselves.
    • Content approval
      By selecting this option, the users of this group can write messages, but these are not published until an administrator approves them. It is used in situations where we want to guarantee the quality of the content, for example to avoid repetitions of already discussed topics or if at risk of inappropriate content in this group. Administrators have a button on their version of the app to approve the contents without having to access the Control Panel.
  • users
    • Access to new groups
      Seleccionamos uno o varios usuarios ya registrados y les damos acceso con un solo click a uno o varios grupos. El usuario recibe un aviso y al acceder a la app ya tiene acceso a dichos grupos. El usuario tiene acceso a los mensajes y archivos que hayan sido compartidos anteriormente en dichos grupos.
    • Username and password
      Users who access the messaging app with the Username and Password provided by the organization are identified within the system and have access to what the organization has planned. With the same Username and password, the user can access the communication from his/her tablet or PC.
    • ID and Alias
      Each user has a unique ID which identifies him/her within the system for its management by the administrators. The same user can have different Aliases in different groups, for example, he can be called John in one group and 'Event supervisor' in another. Both the ID and Aliases are editable from the Control Panel.
    • Registration
      Optionally, your private messaging app can request information from the user at the time of registration, to be filled out voluntarily, to be added to the organization's database. Among them: age, gender, zip code, telephone number, professional qualification, etc. These data can provide information of interest for example to analyze results of a survey by zip code, enabling to display the results on a map.
    • Deactivate users
      With a single click on the Control Panel, the user will have all the groups and personal folder removed from his/her app. The banned user will not be able to participate or access to new or old content. With a single click on the Control Panel, the user's access and content can be restored.
    • Registry of reception confirmations
      From the Control Panel we can check the messages and files with reception confirmed by each user. We can also obtain a list of all users who have confirmed the receipt of a message or document
  • video
    • Video conferences
      Videoconferences between two or more users. Optionally, the conferences are recorded and accessible by the participants and by the system administrator.
    • Private videos available for exclusive viewing by the users of a group
      For example, to post tutorial videos available to maintenance personnel.
  • tags
    • Group tags
      It is advisable to tag the groups that share a characteristic in common. For example, groups from the province of Valencia, groups of maintenance personnel. This tool is very useful both when publishing messages or surveys, and for the analysis of the Database. For example, with a single click we will be able to send a document to all the groups in Valencia or a survey to all the maintenance personnel throughout the organization.
    • Users tags

      We can tag the users that share a characteristic in common and to whom we want to target messages, without bothering the other members of their respective groups. It helps to improve the productivity when communicating.

      Example 1: We tags the attendees to a training course.

      Example 2: We tag the maintenance managers. With a single click, we can send a document to those attending the training course or a survey to the maintenance managers throughout the entire organization.

  • filters
    • Simple filter
      Easy tool to view only what we want to see on the Control Panel. It operates accross the different features of the Panel. For example, you only want to see a list of users that were signed up into the system in a particular time range. Another example: messages that were posted by users whose Alias starts with J.
    • Favorite filters
      Tool that simplifies the filtering process frequent filters in the Control Panel. You assign a name to the filter and from that moment in order to filter you just have to click on the filter name without having to re-select its parameters.
    • Advanced filters
      Tool for filtering on the database by accumulation of several criteria. You use the operators AND, OR or NOR, it generates a formula that can be recorded as a Favorite filter. For advanced users.
  • advertising
    • Advertising banner
      It involves placing a banner on top of the groups in which you want to do so. It can be an advertising banner, with the image of a sponsor. The banner may contain a link to the product that the sponsor wants to promote on its website. The statistics tool reports to the sponsor both the times its banner has been viewed and the clicks on the banner that lead users to the referred website.
    • Customizable background
      You can charge the background image for each group
  • customization
    • Thematic emojis
      Choose a pack of emoticons between more than 10 available for various sectors: health, sports, education, facility services, etc.
    • Emoticons proposed by the client
      The customer proposes its designs, which we optimize in the right format and, after approval, we include them in the app and Control Panel for a more dynamic communication.
    • Sounds for certain events
      Configure sounds for special events, for example linked to the publication of a particular emoji.
    • The app's cover screen
      Optionally the app can display a screen prior to the communication, with a main image and custom design with up to 9 action buttons with functions determined by the customer.
    • Additional Languages
      The customer chooses which languages can be selected by the users of the app and by the administrators of the Control Panel so that they can navigate through their menus in the language of their choice.
    • Multilingual
      The administrator can post a text, a file, etc, in multiple languages with a single click and each user receives it in his/her language of choice among the 10 available.
  • social
  • money collection
    Allows users to enter payments directly into the bank account of the organization. Includes management tools to track and report collections.
  • security
    • Encryption
      The messages within your organization are protected with AES-256-CBC encryption. Other protocols can be incorporated at the customer's request.
    • Términos de uso
      The customer defines its own Terms of use in its private mobile messaging system. Datosegur provides generic terms of use adapted to the client, but the client can edit them and even write its own terms from scratch.
    • Access registry
      Mobile devices have a unique number that identifies them and this is recorded, which serves to detect abuses of the system.
  • scalability
    The communication system of the organization can be integrated into a superior structure that includes several of its type. The client defines the structure of the system to be built among the various options. For example, a sports federation with our Hover function. In this case, each club would have its communication system with its private database, while the federation could send messages or documentation to all users, conduct surveys and analyze their results without having access to said databases belonging to the clubs.
  • raffles
    Create raffles in your community, aimed at the groups and users you want, with winners determined at random among participants. The result will be communicated automatically if the administrator wants the system to.
With just one click you can send an instant message accurately targeted to a selection of your app users or groups of users. Users will be able to read it from their phone, tablet or PC. Messages can be texts, images, audios, videos or attached files of any kind.

Thanks to your private messaging app, you will achieve the following goals

You will increase your company's productivity

With more information and fewer mistakes your organization will be more productive. If you also use the surveys you will need fewer face-to-face meetings, that is, fewer trips, as well as faster decision-making, with more participation and with automatic reports without having to spend extra time writing them.

You will stop giving away your information to a Big Data company

Have you analyzed the terms of use of the free messaging apps? The information you give them will end up in the hands of whoever wants to pay for it, possibly your competitor or your worst enemy. For example, companies like Amazon that use these services on a large scale are able to indirectly close hundreds of retail stores every day.

Datosegur works with your own server

On your server

If you wish, we can install the communication system on your servers, physical or cloud. It can be convenient if your organization is a government or develops its activity in a critical sector such as infrastructure, energy, banking or insurance. And it is required by law if your organization belongs to a sector that works with sensitive information: hospitals, security forces and bodies, children's education, etc.

More reasons why having your own mobile messaging app